1. One of the things we've noticed here at Sly is that you have a very high-energy persona, and  it's something you mention in your bios. You are an amazing entertainer, and we'd like to know  if you have any specialized training that allows you to perform the way you do or if you're just a  naturally high-energy, go all-out person? 

A: I get asked this question all the time because people are surprised that my energy is always  naturally high. I tell people all the time that what you see on-stream is how I am off-stream. I do  feel that my past has prepared me for streaming. Being a singer, actor, writer and comedian has  allowed me to hone my energy. Plus, it's a gift to see my energy make other people happy! 

  1. Your passion for Sly matches your persona. You believe in what we do. What is it about Sly  that makes you want everyone to try it? 

A: Sly is the opposite of what everyone is used to in energy drinks. Sly is a healthy, natural  product that was created by two amazing individuals who actually care about the health of the  people that drink it. And, of course, the taste is amazing. I have to literally hide them from my  wife!! 

  1. You're a parent, as well as a gamer. When you started your streaming career, was the overall  goal to show something to your kids? On the same note, as a parent, what do you feel is the best  use of Sly? Is it more of a drink to allow adults to chill out? Is it something you would give to  your kids after a rough day at school? All of the above? 

A: When I started streaming, my goal was to show my kids that it was never too late to chase  your dreams. I'm a different streamer who takes pride in the fact that I have a clean platform, so  my children can see that you can create your own lane different from others and still be  successful. I now understand that streaming is fulfilling a purpose God has given me to show  others what Christ's love looks like. The use of Sly is Rated "E" for EVERYBODY! Adults and  children can use it, especially children who have high energy or might experience anxiety the  night before a test. 

  1. Sly was able to garner a dedicated following through word-of-mouth. Social media works in a  similar fashion. When did you realize you had the following you did and, in retrospect, how do  you think you were able to reach out to those people?

A: What a great question! I realized I had a following when people would contact me to want to  help me build my community. People I didn't know were so committed to seeing my platform  grow that they formed their own committees and started to share and build upon ideas that turned  into an amazing community that I call the "Congregation/The Upper Room." I was able to do  this by consistently putting out content, whether it was streaming, creating offline content on all  social media platforms, or networking with other creators. 

  1. You recently put up highlights of musical moments of your streams. As a lover of music, is  there a particular song you associate with Sly? If not, do you think Sly is more of a genre? If so,  which one? 

A: The song I think exemplifies Sly is the song "Ain't No Stoppin’ Us Now" by McFadden &  Whitehead. Sly has been making moves since its creation and the momentum will continue to  grow!

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Author: Steven Mane

Called "The Loremaster of Street Fighter", Steven Mane is a writer known for his world-renowned gaming blog Mane Street ( You can find him on X/Twitter at @StevenManeVox and Bluesky at

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