12 healthier alternatives to energy drinks

12 Healthier Alternatives To Energy Drinks: A Doctor's Opinion

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If you’ve seen the latest articles about people experiencing the heavy side effects of energy drinks, you’re probably considering avoiding them in the future and switching them for a healthier alternative.

There are plenty of healthier alternatives to energy drinks that can give you the same boost without the added sugar, artificial ingredients, or heavy doses of caffeine.

In this guide, we’ve covered twelve of the best alternatives to energy drinks.

12 Healthy Alternatives To Energy Drinks

If you want an effective way to boost your energy without the crash that comes after drinking energy drinks, here are 12 healthy alternatives to consider:


Coffee is a rich source of strong antioxidants, which help decrease the risk of cognitive decline and cancer and prevent the development of other diseases. 

It also contains caffeine, which increases alertness and energy levels, but you probably know all of this.

When consumed in moderation, it can be good for you and is a much better alternative to sugary energy drinks.

There are plenty of ways to drink it: with milk, black, with sugar, and so on.

Black Tea

If you’re more of a tea person than a coffee person and like strong flavors, black tea is for you. 

Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized than other types of tea, making it generally stronger in flavor.

It is also associated with a variety of health benefits, like supporting heart health and reducing the risk of stroke and certain types of cancer.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its natural energy-boosting properties and high levels of antioxidants. 

Compared to energy drinks, green tea gives a sustained energy release without the caffeine jitters, supports bone health, and lowers cholesterol.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is an herbal tea that contains natural stimulants like theophylline and theobromine. 

It can help with mental focus, energy, and performance and also support specific conditions as it is high in antioxidants.


Kombucha is a fermented tea drink rich in probiotics and B vitamins. It can provide a gentle energy lift while supporting gut health, which makes it a refreshing alternative to traditional energy beverages.

It contains approximately 10-15mg of caffeine per 8-ounce serving, and the best kombucha products usually have no added sugars and no artificial ingredients.

Sparkling Water

For a calorie-free energy boost, try sparkling water. The carbonation can help perk you up, and you can even add a splash of fruit juice for a touch of flavor.

Sparkling water, flavored or non-flavored is a great way to get a little energy kick. The carbonation will give it an extra boost without adding any calories to it, and it may also help with hunger.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes, which makes it an effective way to rehydrate and replenish energy levels.

It’s loaded with minerals and antioxidants that boost your energy and hydration levels.

A refreshing option, especially after a workout or on a hot day.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are designed to replace electrolytes lost during exercise. However, many of them contain high doses of sugar.

Sports drinks that don’t have a lot of sugar are a great option to rehydrate and refuel without excessive caffeine.

Protein Shake

Protein shakes can be pre-made or made from a powdered mix and are a much better post-workout recovery drink than energy drinks.

They provide lasting energy and muscle recovery and help refill nutrients. 

Fresh Juice

Freshly squeezed juices are a great source of natural vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and they provide a quick energy boost.

They make a great and natural alternative to caffeinated energy drinks.

Chia Seed Water

Consuming chia seeds soaked in water can provide an energy boost and improve endurance during workouts or physical activities.

Chia seed water gives a sustained energy boost and hydrates you without any artificial ingredients or sugar like in energy drinks.

Caffeine-Free Sly BOOST

Sly BOOST is a caffeine-free energy supplement that provides a natural lift without the use of stimulants. It offers a gentle energy enhancement without the crash associated with caffeinated beverages.


It’s always a good choice to switch energy drinks for a healthier alternative that can improve your overall health.

Next time you’re craving an energy boost, try one of these as an alternative.

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